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Not the first instance of helicopters launched from sub. The Germans did that during WW2, mostly in the pacific, to spot ships. Recovery was tedious and if a warship was approaching the sub just dived, leaving the helicopter adrift.


Not that it is a big deal, but the devices the Germans used in WWII weren't helicopters so much as kites that required the sub to be moving in order for them to fly.

George Larson

Was that a helicopter or a captive autogyro launched and towed by a surfaced sub?

Leslie Johnson

There's one in the Air Force museum at Dayton, OH. I was always fascinated by pics of those as a kid.

Leslie Johnson



Hmmm, Badminton anyone?


They were autogyros towed by the sub.


you would need a large badminton rack.


Did this ever make it past the planning stage? Looks interesting to me.

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