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mike D.

How can a person not smell a skunk? Hope somebody develops some apparatus to help the others who cannot smell at all. I mean who can live without smelling Italian food or without smelling garlic and herbs. Those people are also missing out on the smell of spring. Those people are missing out on the smell of flowers

David J. Laufenberg

Hi: I have a loss of smell, it came on gradully with me wondering about the quality of the foods I ate and second guessing myself. At this point I not only can not smell spring, But other things that are not pleasurable but dangerous. Natural gas, gasoline, solvents, Skunk, my own possible body oder etc. At first I could smell afew things but my smell has gotten worse with time. What frustrates me the most is people asking me why I eat the foods I love but not others because I can not smell them. The answer is a persons tongue it feels texture and still gives you sweet bitter sour and salty. Without smell you lose the bad, Dog dropping vomit for example, but you lose the world sround you as a smell and a mind key to smells of your past. Happy Holidays!!

Self Defence Expert

May be the US people dont have a nose to smell a skunk. Better check up the docter? As soon as posible.

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