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WOW, 100 years ago, man was still crapping outdoors and now we have figured out how to change the weather by exhaling. My take is we need new scientists, ones with a little less politics and a lot more science. How do you measure global temperature anyway? Is there some magic spot you stick the thermometer? Come to think of it, when was the first accurate thermometer produced and who did the recording.

Let me see, I have my latest hurricane forecast right here and it's going to be a bummer next year. Far more hurricanes than ever, and stronger too. Don't call me if you don't get your share, I will call you.

Global socialism, it's all about global socialism and run by the UN. Doesn't anyone see the obvious contradiction with the UN running the IPCC and then collecting the taxes that are levied because of the finding of the IPCC?


Next time you guys might want to check your facts before posting anything, like good journalists are supposed to. The warmest years on record happened in the 1930s, not recently. The data showing recent warming had a bug in it, which NASA admitted earlier this year.

K. Melland, Norway

"Seven of the eight warmest years have occurred since 2001".

How do you press seven years into 2002-2003-2004-2005-2006-2007 ???


This article is the final straw. Popsci, you're removed from my bookmarks and my subscription shall not be renewed.

Gregory Mone, you have failed.

Bobby Digital

So many Smart-ass comments, maybe mankind is nearing the end? 5more year and its all going to be kapo-ot

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Such a network of connections allows powerful "avalanches" of neuron communication across relevant regions of the brain, often with synchronised "phase-locking" of large groups of neurons firing at the same frequency; these groups operate effectively but independently of other groups. These episodes of phase-locking alternate with periods of much greater disorder, "blizzards" of activity in which significant reorganisation seems to take place. The durations of these phases and the avalanches of firing neurons at different frequencies all seem to fit with the characteristics of SOC, apparently providing the brain with its amazing capacity to process information and with its adaptability. And also a great new excuse - "sorry, that part of my brain's phase-locked right now."

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Any beauty blog that pokes a bit of fun at Angelina Jolie is OK in my book! Home wrecker.

Your sense of humor is awesome-it reminds me of, me.

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