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Ari Tapper

In reading this concept and based on our experience of the leaching of gas and chemicals stored within "Geological Formations", I cannot understand why anyone would believe they can store the gas indefinitely. What about effects of siesmic activity? Looks like this concept does not address the same major complication all combustion based energy sources experience - what to do with the spent fuel.


Great comment Ari. How do we know that these are airtightly sealed? And what about it's effects deep down in the earth? We'd really be just making a huge underground bubble of poisinous gas (which seems like it would happily collapse). There's no way to get it to disappear, you _have_ to find a way to neutralize it.


IGCC and Hydrogen turbines, I believe this plant configuration would be. However the key question is that the cost or $/kW of this project and how far the CO2 price would sway the econimics. Otherwise, it's a project that will have a tough future to make a decent profit.Going alone without DOE's fully support is an even higher risk.

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I think renewable energy is very important if we want to move forward as a country. However I think we are going in the wrong direction. We need to use magnet motors that are over 100% efficient. Some are even 500% efficient. I know this sounds crazy, but we have this technology. It’s just being hidden from you. The Big Energy companies are making $440 billion a year from us. It’s a huge scam. If you would like to see real proof of little guys like me trying to get the word out check out this link.

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I am agree with this statement Coal is almost the perfect fuel. It is quite right but
it is very limited. I like this tool or machinery for proper combustion .


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Coal is a readily combustible black or brownish-black sedimentary rock. It is useful for many purposes. Thats true that Carbon dioxide is not good for health and is very good to hear that this plant will give o Oxygen.
Nice job done.

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I have had a problem I am growing some tomato plants and they have started to die on me.

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Energy is been the biggest dream of developed countries and to get it through cheapest ways is their biggest wish. They are really struggling and inventing machines for it. Even we have seen a few of wars too for energy sources.

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Come on, CO2 free? I don't think so!

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Proponents say that gasification is easier than capturing CO2 from a regular power plant because it produces it produces a smaller volume of exhaust and it easily traps most other pollutants from coal, such as Mercury.

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This is really needed. Not only from an environmental point-of-view, but as the recent awful tragedy in Japan shows us, from a safety point-of-view.

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This is very interesting. Natural fuels are very important to our country and one must help to preserve such gifts.


Thank you for sharing with us some information about coal power plant. It is a good idea to we know better about power planting. Those materials are perfect for power planting.


Now were multi-tasking! by the use of coal we limit the use of gas, and which also limit products that has been used by this to increase its price.

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