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Friends don't let friends use MySpace. Visually its a nightmare, socially its a crutch and culturally its a magnifying glass.

Some Guy

Interesting point (about the nightmare, amen. about the crutch, I guess I agree. About the magnifying glass, interesting). I switched to facebook long ago, because its platform is much better for what it's designed for -- social networking. It lets me keep contact with my overseas friends (none of which I met on facebook, of course. The fact that people do that on Myspace is still a concept that I don't fully understand) and share photos well. Still, I prefer people in real life to Facebook :p .

mike D.

Yea, I agree with some guy. One my relatives is on facebook and she has met many friends through it. Also, facebook has a cleaner image than myspace. There aren't any dirty images on facebook right? I have lightly pressed the topic of an online account because none are really clean. I need some information on facebook please.

not in your bussines

OMG so sad RIP megan

Cazare Straja

I can't believe that these kind of things happen. The girl was mentally unbalanced cause normal person wouldn't act that way. The boy/ neighbor is not guilty for the girls suicide in any way.

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