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Interesting, but pit vipers are known for hunting by heat sensor not smell.

Squirrels apparently surge blood into thier tails when alarmed to trick the rattlesnake.

This behavior may be more to do with competition among squirrels?

Ian Shannon

Squirrel peer pressure? "Dude, I dare you to go chew the snake skin."


I wonder if this repellant odor is related to Bombesin, which was first discover in the skin of poisonous frogs.

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Hi thanks for the article This behavior may be more to do with competition among squirrels?

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California ground squirrels and rock squirrels have evolved a sneaky strategy to avoid being eaten by their worst enemy: They create a rattlesnake "perfume" that masks their squirrelly scent.


Then they lick themselves to spread skin pieces and snake-flavored spit on their fur.

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Some squirrels even gather snake odor from dirt where snakes have rested. When the squirrels curl up for their own naps, they sleep more safely.

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However, the word Universe was understood to mean the entirety of existence, so this expression fell into disuse and the objects instead became known as galaxies.

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