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methane digester?
if so its a great idea.
burn methane
dry manuer
use still as fertalizer or even bedding.


Sure, it will abate the green house gas emissions by burning CH4 into CO2, although CO2 is still released into the air. Drying this kind of 'biosolids' is very costly and technicially challenging. Agriculture application may have its potential in the future.

Duncan Munday

This is a great idea and concept, why have we not heard more about this on the news channels. Low energy lamps powered by cows!


Excellent idea, it is time that we stop the use of fossil fuel, we are destroying our beautiful planet.

Wholesale Suppliers

To make natural gas from cow manure is best idea, as it will help in reducing pollution, and that will be more effective near villages.

Health News

Hey really it's very interesting stuff found here.... Keep posting such an interesting information, I'm looking forward to your new posts.


I wish this technology a great success, by this period they must be using this energy source, instead of Natural gas.

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