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What's the big deal?
My Dog has been rehabbing with one of these for 2 years.

Safe Driver

Not to nitpik, but I think that after exercise you'd want to sit in a cold water bath, not a warm water bath.


What if you take a heart attack, stroke... and fall down? Ooops!


I don't know if they are the same people but I think I've seen this sort of thing on http://www.abc.net.au/tv/newinventors/ a long long time ago, It looked more like a glass shower and you had to wear a harness of some sort.


I've been using one of these for months at rehab. They work pretty well for those of us with pain issues. The water is very soothing and the tread mill allows for a nice aerobic workout that is difficult to get otherwise. It already has jacuzzi jets to increase resistance, and you can't change your mind while it's filling because you have to wait inside the machine while the water loads and drains. There is a heater to adjust the temperature. Also, the water level goes higher than shown in the picture, which helps with weight bearing.

Tom Luce

where can I find out more on this product?


Nope, can't use it. Nancy Pelosi and I have both identified this horror as a torture machine. Don't tread me, bro!

spartan ala laser

It is not a torture device, unless you are lazy. Then it would be torture. But otherwise it would be a good idea if you want a different workout.


hi my name is aj and im 14 years old and i happen to be looking at the websiteand this caught my eye. To the woman or man who said this would be torture is plain old lazy because the are to many positives that over take the risks the only you could really torture yourself is by putting your head under for a while but that sounds like some shit you would since this is torture


Oh wow! I just heard of this and I'd love to try it. I am in a wheelchair due to having a total lack of balance, so the hydrostatic pressure would keep me upright. The benefits of such a machine would be numerous for me. Can anybody tell me how I can go about finding a place that would have one that I can use? Thanks

home gym equipment

Love the idea! I actually would just settle for the treadmill desk combo so I could move around a little bit more during the day. Keep up the good work E&S!

home gym equipment

I like the river boat gym idea. A more basic idea that might work though would be hooking dynamo’s up to all the eliptical, treadmill, and byclces at the gym and harnessing that electrical power for use by the gym. I would totally get a membership if the River boat gym every opens a location on Ladybird lake and would definitely try to run over the crew teams. haha no hard feelings crew members

aion gold

I don't know if they are the same people but I think I've seen this sort of thing on http://www.abc.net.au/tv/newinventors/ a long long time ago, It looked more like a glass shower and you had to wear a harness of some sort. ....YES . I hv the same imression too ....


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acne scars treatment

wow, this is one of the best training versions for leg that I've ever seen. This is very hard exercise but I think it is very effective.

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We are a very good company we work for people success in turkey

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About our company produces turkey disabled lifts and walking paths


I can only afford cheap treadmills so I can not purchase this kind of treadmills. With its features, the price will be higher. But anyway, If there is something like this in the gym I would definitely give it a try. Walking in the water has a heavier feeling and the resistance it has will require your body to exert more effort than walking as usual. I think that it is very relaxing inside this treadmill because of the jacuzzi feature. Technology is really great, it never stops on showcasing many things, I am amazed with this.

Barney is looking for cheap treadmills

Wow what a great invention. I have never heard of hydro-physio or doing treadmill time in water before. Although, I think that the hydro-physio is not cheap treadmills that anyone can avail this kind of exercise equipment though if I have some extra funds, it might be a good idea to buy one as I have injured my ankle and it never really healed well. I think having the underwater treadmill and doing work at the same time is a benefit that one cannot ignore because of the features. I do hope that they will integrate the system with other treadmills and come up with affordable treadmills.

temporary health insurance

Wow, this is a unique treadmill. I never thought that there's some sort of like this gadget. Anyway, I like treadmill better because it's kinda easy to access for exercise.

slim fast diet plan

that's is really nice. Running in the water is absolutely an incredible exercise.

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I never thought jogging in the water. this article open a new insights for me. thanks for sharing. definitely awesome. nice page indeed.

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I guess it's a good training exercise for your body.

Gold Coast Personal Trainer

This is my first time that I saw this kind of exercise equipment, jogging int he water is really hard and tough. And you need extra energy to do it perfect. For sure you will gain more muscle using this kind of exercise.


There are portable models that you can roll in/out of a backyard pool, pool at the gym, community pool or swim spa. Affordability is always relative- but they cost about as much as other equipment at the gym. www.H2OGym-US.com

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