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john doe

why would u pay that much for a piece of mold wtf?!


This is a simple for incredible example of how 'rareness' interacts with cost. It is a bit like bird's nests for bird nest soup. Made from the saliva of some bird and built high up cliffs in caves where huge wooden scaffolding has to be built to get at them. And who even wants them? In many cases, I bet, just those with money that need to demonstrate what THEY can do in this world while the rest of us enjoy plain French Onion soup or regular sauteed mushrooms. Frankly, they can have it.

D. Davis

The amount paid for the truffle shows how selfish some people are about themselves. It is low in food value, only yields a unique taste. What good could be done with $300,000 and blackeye peas or pinto beans and cornbread yum. Lots of people could eat and have a full stomach.

doug l

While we might be a little envious and even contemptuous of those who can afford that kind of treasure, I'm kinda thinkin' how lucky the guy who found it must be feeling. I hope they're one of us.


Whoa... and here all this time I thought truffles were just really fancy chocolates.... wierd...


it‘s really amazing!
how can a truffle be worth about it. and why?


The greater question seems to be why does everyone that posts here have bad grammar?


We don't need no eductation ;)


Truffles are really a rare thing. But the cost ($330,0000 it was sold was really worth for the buyer. Hope it will bring more luck to him...




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ahmad smara

i have 20kgs of truffles i f you want to buy it call me ;+21215591244


What does a truffle taste like? It better be extremely good for that price.

Truffle recipes

Wow the truffle on the picture is realy a pice one... :)


Looks like an ancient dinosaur turd.

buy viagra

The greater question seems to be why does everyone that posts here have bad grammar?


Birds nest soup contains some compounds that are good for the skin

good sperm

my sperm is good for the skin too...


haha... you can keep your sperm to yourself... haha, we have our own,,, and the girls can have sperm from decent educated men,,, the opposite of you,,, haha

Mack Shepperson

It's still a mystery to some why underground-growing fungi are so expensive. But if you tasted one, maybe you'll know the answer. The flavor of truffles is so rich, it's actually overwhelming. These are the true "diamonds in the kitchen," and these, together with caviar and foie gras, are considered as luxury foods.

bryan dov

This answers why there is a scarcity of truffles, but why would any one want to pay $100,000 p/lb of a fungus that looks like a tumor. The Tasmanian wolf may be one of the rarest species on earth but that doesn't mean I'm about to pay 100k for a pound of its doody.

woolrich outlet

Every man is his own worst enemy

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