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working man

Mike Kelly and the 3M Corporate gang should be real proud of their mini-projector, and while their at it they should pat themsleves on the back for all the U.S. jobs they have sent overseas the past five years

Working Man 2

The 3m faciliy in the US that created and developed the mini-projector will be seeing half its workforce going overseas in 2008. 3M may believe in the mini-projector , but they don't believe in the American people.


But if 3M stuck with all American employees, this little gadget wouldn't be made until much MUCH later. By going the cheaper route, they are able to develop advances much more quickly.


You really need to see the Microvision version of this projector. Brighter, smaller, and ready to be embedded now!

Tom Lardner

My understanding is that Microvision has the following advantages over TI, 3-M & BlueLight:
1. brightness & clarity
2. battery life, 2.5 hours vs. 1.5 hours
3. cell focus vs. manual focus
4. size (smaller) better for imbedded units.
5. price
I attended CES Conf. Analyst investors confirmed Microvision's superiority during my conversations @ Microvision announcement of SHOW. Would you comment please?


I have been told Microvision is superior to others. Size - 60x60 dark light...automatic focus...smaller than others...Where is the comparison of 3-M to MVIS?


All these Microvision investors, and employees desperately trying to post on these types are articles is fun to watch. Just read the article - the whole point of the article is that had PopSci known about 3M's development before they would have proclaimed 3M the winner. From what I see, 3M actually has a product, and the image looks great.

Barbara Snedegar

Onlooker, you are full of crap. American people developed this product and the factory was already there in full operation. 3M chose to downsize over 1600 Americans over the past 3 years from the Cincinnati location. Now, the 100 Americans still there develop the product and how to manufacture it, then send it to the China factory so they can pay someone 50 cents per day to make it. I've moved on and glad of it. 3M sucks.

moved on

I agree with Barb - I too, once worked at 3M Cincinnati. The people at that plant were intelligent, hard working people. Most of the employees worked there 10, 15, 20, 25 or even 30 years. And what do they get for their dedication? Their job has been eliminated as we move it to China. All - and before you go, you have to train the "China engineers" how to do your job. So I agree - 3M should be so proud of their new product and the loss of all the AMERICAN JOBS! I too have "moved on" and I'm much happier and better off for it.

Anime Master

I think its cool, and it doesn't have artifacts like Microvision but it is bigger and doesn't have the awesome laser color. But this is just what we NEED if there was only one suppler than there would be no competition just one supplier trying to convince people that it was worth the price they set. With two suppliers they still must convince the public that its worth the cost but they must also try and have one that's cheaper or better than the other guys. Oh and if its made in china there will be a knock off image quality that looks like crap but sells for $15 in 3 months.

Dr. Klahn

The engineers and scientists who developed this product can be proud when they look at the "Pac-man" top innovators award on their desks, realize that they got no cut of the profits, and look forward to their transfer to the Weatherford, OK plant as QC technicians.


I know a lot of the people who worked on this and the transfer to China. They did a great job. The folks training the China plant are doing right by the employees there. I know some old friends are upset about the China transfer, but when 3M cut the jobs in 06 they said what the Cincy facilty would become. I actually feel bad for 3M. They Dropped 800 mill to Corning for something that Corning "mislead" them to believe they were getting. 3M did right by the employees they let go (better than any other company) but they have to put share holders first. Which if memory serves, was every employee their.
So good job to the design team, good job to folks in Metrology and Assembly. And good luck in the future, you really are the brightest folks I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Bassam AlZeer

I'm interested in buying 3M small projector; could you please direct me to the dealer in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to buy the same.


I do have a few questions about this product:

1 - What is its resolution in dpi?
2 - What are the technical limitations for its DLP?


This seems a cool way to read Ebooks (in the form of PDF's) while laying in bed, if you project it on the ceiling. Is the image detailed enough for reading?


It's not 3M's fault unions are screwing up America. Why pay someone $50/hour to turn a screw when someone elsewhere will do it for $5/hour. Come on it's not much harder than flipping a burger...

Too bad this unit is obsolete already. At $300, you can pickup the Aaxatech pico projector for $259 and it includes speakers and onboard MP4 support + 1GB memory...

Carl McCary

I hadn't even considered that! Thank you so much for your post.

charles hyde

3m isn't a typical minnesota nice comapany that people work all thier lives at any more. The retires will be lucky to keep thier pension which is the biggest pot of money left. Maybe the government should begin with a tariff on goods importraed by companies like 3m that have ruined our country. 3m is expecially at fault thier hidden waste dumps have leached into ground waters that millions depend on, and chemicals they produce have spread through out the entire worlds ecosystem.

Karine Payette

How to buy it?.
I need the 3 m projector beats, the same on the picture on the top of the page.

Thanks for anwser me!

Karine Payette

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Horrible article. Microvision's projector is superior in every way. It doesn't really matter to me who wins this "race", but just by looking at Microvision compared to M3, it's obvious who the winner is. Microvision has a better product hands down.

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