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Well the blue ray got no competitions against the DVD cause the storage capacity is like 4 or 5 times more , this will make the blue ray king of the movies in the future blue ray rules form now on until we get something better .

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Blu ray is extremely stunning, has crisp picture and Sound to match. Video quality is brilliant! To be fair, it's pretty much due to the Blu-Ray quality over HD DVD quality. Enjoy all the beauty of this technology,and you do need a good TV (LCD or Plasma) of at least 32inches to enjoy the movies you are gonna watch!

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This is easy to see that blue ray will win the war to the HD cause it have more storage space and is superior that is why blue rays is winning and the dvd now is at risk to dvd you better work hard to maintain in the market.

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I read that Blu-ray also uses better video-compression methods for sharper contrast and more vibrant colours. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

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apple does it again..


Well I think we already know an answer to that question.

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After watching a blue ray movie you just can not like any other. This is the reason HD can not win Blue Ray. It is the blue ray time now.

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There is no competition between HD-DVD and Blue-ray. Blue-ray is the latest and the best format for the movies, i.e: HD is 480 pixels and Blue-ray is 1080p.

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Blu Ray is the real deal.

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Apple is always the winner, it's the same for HD-TV

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Had been thinking about Lindsey's new vibram fivefingers ever since she posted about them on this blog. When she first sent me a photo of these bizarre looking vibram five,I just laughed at their vibram fivefingers ridiculousness, thinking 'no way I'll ever put those things on my five finger feet! But alas, once I saw them and read about them, I just couldn't stop thinking about them! I had to try them for myself. Last week I went to Blue five fingers Ridge Mountain Sports in Charlottesville,

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Great article. Only small tidbit missing is that apple tv is 720p and BD is 1080p (I think?)

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apple is the best HD-DVD I have ever seen, so I think they are the winner:)

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For my understanding, MacBook Air is gear towards people who has another computer already. You can use your other Mac or Pc's optical drive via Air wirelessly. Everything about the Air is wireless.

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I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often

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The appeal of Apple TV goes beyond just watching movies and plants another flag in the soil of the connected living room that electronics companies have been trying to conquer for years.


This only proves how technology has improved over the years. This is very interesting and I am glad that I run into your post.

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The consumer's will use the format that they can get content on, not the one that is "Superior." The computer industry will most likely move to the format eventually "Wins" the content "War,"

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Great information. Enjoyed it. I would be far more interested if Apple created software for both the XBOX and the PS3 to do exactly what the Apple TV already does. Quit selling worthless hardware when we already have it. Thanks for sharing.

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Well its file size is huge and the hard drive in the Apple TV will only hold a few HD movies.I like this physical library. As a consumer, something that is physical, takes up space, and that I can hold in my hand, has a lot more value than something that takes up space on my hard drive and is intangible.thanks

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BD has higher quality, MUCH higher quality. You own it forever. It has special features. It's a hard copy (which some people, like myself, prefer over digital movie storage). It doesn't require super fast internet to obtain quickly. Nor does it require extremely high bandwidth to obtain frequently...Thanks

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