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Michael Weisman

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Next up, Meyer predicts, is an explosion of cellphone services in developing areas.

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And given how many cellphones fill the booths at CES, said humanitarian-slash-entrepreneur Paul Meyer, you don’t need to design new products specifically for developing countries.

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I think cellphone can save a world.

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We are trying to figure our how our school can become a greener school, we need to find ways to save energy.So far we got changing to laptops instead of dino computer,Trying to change light bulbs (what kind though),Dim lights more,Switching most of our electronics to solar power,Closing doors to save the heat,Making posters to remind students and teachers to turn off lights in classrooms after they are done.Any other ideas?


Yes, I think so. Cell phone can save a world. This technology has changed the world a lot.

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I don't know if cellphones can save the world but I can tell you it's very necessary in life because when we get into troubles we can call for help.

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cell phones can save the word!! is an awesome idea...
the only thing i don't understand is how a person can send 30.000 text massages per day???
wow, it most be painful, poor fingers

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Hydrogen is the only one promising fuel for future of mankind. apart from that we have solar, wind energy models but most of then still needs very large level of innovation technology to make it useful for public.

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no, cellphones can't save the world, sad but true.

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definitely true the technology is one of the best inventions that changed the world and especially for emergency cases is super useful for be in communication

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