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Michael Elson

Cell phone blabbers also cause traffic accidents through inattention to their driving. What amazes me is that when drivers talk to the passenger beside them, they seem to drive O.K.
So what then is the problem with cell phone yakking?

William Cummings

Riding a motorcycle nearly every day, I believe I'm very attentive to bad driving... the single trait nearly all bad drivers share is the phone stuck to their ear. I never see their eyes checking for me in the mirror, but I can always plainly see the phone at their ear!

Goebel Craft

The police need to give these people a citation for careless or wreckless driving. Get in their pocket get their attention.

James Randorff

I agree that talking on cell phones while driving is a big cause of traffic accidents and other problems. That having been said, this article is creating a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" scenario. You are charging cell phone talkers with driving 2mph slower than other drivers, wasting 20 hours per year (And how many hours per year are wasted watching TV? Well, that's another story.). If they are driving slower, they are likely to have better reaction time and cause fewer accidents. Let's at least be fair about this and not jump on the bandwagon of fingerpointers, eh?

 Mike Vogi

The Auto Insurance Companys need to address the Cell Pnone problem. Tripple the rates for cell phone drivers.


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Cellular in Philippine Phone

Well, I definitely agree with you there, "Cellphone Talkers Slow Daily Commutes" it affects a lot in the traffic. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your post. It makes a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing!


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Nice article. The cell phone should be banned while driving. This is very important because you can concentrate on driving/riding or it makes cause traffic accidents which is very bad. Certain rules should be followed while driving a car or riding a motorcycle. This will help you to be safe from accidents. http://carinsuranceclassic.co.uk/

Wholesale Suppliers

Hearing cell phone while driving is considered as crime in few countries, and they have to pay fine/challan for this. This law is in Pakistan and it should be adopted everywhere to avoid accidents and slow traffic.

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