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Michael Elson

I like my Windows XP Home very much, and I have heard numerous reports about Vista not living up to its promises. What would the problems be if Microsoft kills Win.XP? What about support for Win.XP? Will that be killed too?


W. Earl Leeds II

Have read everything about VISTA and it really does not make a strong reason to change from XP.
Don't play games and really do not want to purchase another Desktop system at this time. If there were real big changes and more open system support in VISTA it might make a better choice. Keep XP.

stu bollen

I still like Windows98 better than XP, let alone Vista. XP takes much ,much longer to boot up, and to shut down than 98.


Where's the proof of Microsoft wanting to get rid of XP? I just read from MSN that they're going to keep going with XP, in fact, later this year they will release XP SP3.

Burt Beamer/citrus heights,ca

I'm tired of buying expensive books to learn all this stuff. I go back to Win 3.1, 95,98,ME,now Xp Pro. If I'm forced into Win Vista, this computer goes on the trash heap, and I'm getting out of the E-mail business and info seeking. I give up and Microsoft can go to blazes.

kevin mccune

Please let us keep XP

Lewis Wilson

I am not a computer guru but xp works for me and from what I've heard about vista from people who seem to know what their doing. I am staying with what works. If some one trys to force me to use some thing I don't want, I'll switch to a Mac.

L Snyder

I work from both home and office, and I like XP.
Others at our office also use XP for entering data and sending to the office.
When someone sends from Vista, things get really messed up "format" wise.
Keep XP please!

D Collins

I knew a couple yours before this happened that Windows Longhorn (or else known as Vista's development stage) was going to be pressured on the public just as XP was when it came out. Looking at my trusty hardware that has lasted since '02, it sickened me to think that I would be forced to buy a new computer every time Microsoft says its time to switch. I did switch... to Ubuntu Linux, and I haven't been happier with my PC until recently. I currently run PCLinuxOS 2007. My PC has aged gracefully, but it is still not outdated.


Let us remain out of your marketing-consumer race (XP seems OK either without patches).


Oh dear LORD If you only Knew what I'm going through with hp and home vista. It's the biggest incompatibility issue I've ever seen put out to rip off buyers. Don't buy hp anything until they and Microsoft and at least fix driver issues. What a nightmare. Do not buy L7500 printer scan drivers no matter what you do will not work. Yes that includes so called updated downloads.

Terry Gooch

I Think they Should keep XP For Some Time To Come Vista Is A Year Or Two Away From Working Like XP I Know I Have A Copy Of Vista And I Have Tried for 2 Months To Get It To Work right. Gave It Up Went Back To XP

tony kullin

xp works fine so why not just keep it instead of vista.


XP sickened me years ago, and vista is worse. just skip Microsoft entirely. Bought a Mac Mini new a few years ago, and its the greatest computer I've ever used (I had been a windows user sense Win 3.1).
I even had XP installed on the Mac, but it was totally useless when compared to OSX Tiger, so I removed windows.
I am so happy with Tiger, I bought a second Mac to work on while I goof around on the Mini.


Bill's a nice guy, but his products just blow.

Raja M. Iqbal

Closing Windows XP wwould be the greatest disservice that Microsoft can do. Absolute suicide with all its manifestations.
I dont know Bill Gates but if he has the patience to take some advice, he better close Vista. As the Brits would say " absolute shocker".


They will still support xp, just not sell new copies of it. Dell and other oems are offering option of xp or vista. Buy from them, or switch to Linux/Mac


They will still support xp, just not sell new copies of it. Dell and other oems are offering option of xp or vista. Buy from them, or switch to Linux/Mac

Poke L

Windows is the 20-year-old 'tard that keeps messing itself. Vista don't work... XP is more unstable by the day...

I have my MSCE and A+ cert's... and I'm thinking "Time for a Mac"... and when the free windows support halts for the 20+ other computers in the family, they'll be switching to Macs, too.


SAVE XP, please!


I've gathered all the reasons why Microsoft should leave Windows XP well alone. Feel free to use it to help save Windows XP. Link: http://www.helium.com/items/940441-windows-legally-purchase-still


"Users Fight to Save Windows XP" ... And me? No thanks ... I will simply walk away and be done with Microsoft forever!

Sure I like Windows XP Pro because it's stable ... it works well ... and it's an industry standard around the world ... but it, like all other M$ products, it lacks ingenuity ... and unless you've familiarized yourself with a Mac, you have no idea of what I'm talking about. But don't worry ... I am a Mac convert ... I'm not a fanatical Mac propaganda machine. Enough about Mac superiority (yes ... the commercials are not only funny, but they're realistic).

For those of you still reading, I bought my first Intel-based Mac a year ago and I love it! I run Windows XP as a virtual machine inside of Mac OS X (Leopard). And just 4 hours ago, I purchased another GB of memory for each of my two PC's; my plan was to run Linux as the host OS on them, and VMWare to run virtual machines of Windows XP within them. This announcement may render my plan a "temporary" exercise in futility.

HEY MICROSOFT! I WILL NOT SWITCH (OR DOWNGRADE) TO VISTA ... and if you quit supporting XP, then I'll remove my virtual XP machines and make the conversion to the Mac platform across the board, except for my Linux intrusion detection systems, servers, etc.. Yeah, I am alone as I type this e-mail, but I can assure you that "I" will become "we" ... and "we" will become "most" ... and hopefully "most" will become "all" ... so go ahead and quit supporting XP ... you'll finally motivate me/us to say goodbye forever!

P.S. I have a friend that's been running his same Mac for 8 years now! And he just put the newest operating system (Leopard) on it. Here's a challenge for you: try installing any MS operating system on your 8 year old hardware.

Later ...

Wes Moore

Just like Detroit, Microsoft is shoving a poor excuse of a product down the consumer's throat when the consumer is perfectly happy with the older product design. It would be understandable if Vista represented a real step forward but the hardware and configuration issues it brings to the table make it an ill suited choice for the business or individual.

I have Vista installed on a few boxes and have been grossly disappointed by the problems, solutions and paltry excuse for tech support. Recent releases of third party applications have to be configured to run in "Compatability Mode", IE is constantly crashing because some third party add on hiccuped, the constant three year old child type persistent seeking of approval process for network access, software installation etc make it a productivity killer.

Installation is a killer with the validation process. Microsoft without regard for it's bonafide customers, forces the legitimate end users into forging through an arcane process of validating a license to use the product. Why is the legitimate user being punished? Are they so stupid they don't realize the pain in the backside they force on you and me or do they just not give a damn! When you add to the poor state of affairs that Vista is a resource intensive HOG one has to question the sanity of buying into the hype from Microsoft.

For my personal machines at home I will continue with XP until Microsoft has a better mousetrap then Vista.

Maybe my friends are right, Linux is a better choice. After all the tech support is more responsive and provides usuable solutions in what seems to be a more timely manner.


I think Xp is better than 98. But in some ways (\Win 98 has some great features.

let them eat vista

haxpintosh? ubunxpu?


I love Windows XP and will not consider taking the Vista plunge because of all the DRM junk they threw in to keep Hollywood and the RIAA happy. Thanks for the info!

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