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Timothy Scheiman

Microsoft now is making plans to update Vista with Microsoft 7. Look for a beta copy later in 2009 with a consumer release sometime in 2010. I still like XP over Vista.

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You should get used to vista because when windows 7 arrives it is very similar to vista.

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Microsoft wanting to get rid of XP? sounds strange!!..........

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Operating systems are a problem and a benefit for all, the importance of them is to help us interact with hardware, but in the end I really liked your post, thanks for sharing!

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We are trying to figure our how our school can become a greener school, we need to find ways to save energy.So far we got changing to laptops instead of dino computer,Trying to change light bulbs (what kind though),Dim lights more,Switching most of our electronics to solar power,Closing doors to save the heat,Making posters to remind students and teachers to turn off lights in classrooms after they are done.Any other ideas?

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The sea can accommodate all, so we just to see the sea, our heart is infinitely more freedom and broad!


Love xp a lot

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Xp is better than Vista and windows 7 is even better.

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Windows 7 has arrived and perhaps it is the best one out here in the market now.

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For all its flaws, XP was still much superior to vista.

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This is not fair. I heard from lot of people that they are satisfied with XP than vista. They are switching back to XP. Please keep Xp back. We are so accustomed with it.
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I and my friends are using the same XP. If any one using vista send the data it creates a lot of problem in saving and accessing. We all strongly need XP.
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Please let me keep XP, I have used both windows there is no competition between these two. If micro soft wants to increase their sale for Vista why don't they modify vista rather than to kill XP.

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My vote is for Window XP, may you live long XP.

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oh i just love this phone! got a lot of amazing applications and very handy and i love it!

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I am completely agreed with upgrading of old to new generation os but what if that os will not perform like older one i have seen that windows xp is much stable & much compatible with number of applications as well as it can run on low configuration machines with minimum ram & minimum installation space on drives. still its performance is best as compare to windows vista.

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but I was wondering what are some easier songs to expand my repertoire while I continue to work on these hard ones.

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All info is so old

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The electricity is produced by electrical power plants. The hydrogen fuel for this car is only as green as the electrical power production that produced the hydrogen.

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