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Daniel E. Friedman

Colorful and impressive. My only concern is the depth of the education, but that's difficult to judge from where I'm sitting.

Having said that, ten minutes sounds far too good to be true, in terms of learning piano and notation. It's a good sales pitch, though.


It's well designed blog with good amount of information that I like it most.

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Yeah i agree, it's not as educational as we could want. But this game has great aspects, it features almost no violence, it makes you exercise (well i'm always jumping around, so i guess it is) and it's actually quite fun! Great video btw, loved it :)

piano guide

I've heard that game before (actually I've seen it) and it's pretty amazing game, my cousin love to play it because of it's design.

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So I have been playing for around 6 months and been taking lessons, but still there are only a handful of songs I can play through. I know some like Purple Haze, but certain parts I just can't play yet, yet I can play through a number of Beatles and U2 songs easily. I also know parts of Crazy Train, Back In Black, and Iron Man. I am still working on being able to play all these songs through, but I was wondering what are some easier songs to expand my repertoire while I continue to work on these hard ones.

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Their spokesperson promised to have web editor Megan Miller playing a song and reading music within 10 minutes. Lo and behold . . .

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Having said that, ten minutes sounds far too good to be true, in terms of learning piano and notation. It's a good sales pitch, though.

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What are the factors that make one guitar easier to play than another? I play guitar and I've noticed that some guitars are just easier to play.

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i am waiting when mastero sees me.Learning music in 10 minutes is a hard job though i would interested to get a feel of it.

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Denver’s art districts are the pulse of the Mile High City’s creative community. They’ll be a central part of the citywide Denver Arts Week celebration involved all six districts. But there was great stuff going on in these neighborhoods year-round.


Cool! Amazing! Thanks for sharing this video ^_^
Wow! I really enjoyed watching it!

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cowon j3

Why do you guys look down on games?


I surely believe what my friends say, because you have a fantastic insight on the topic. The information is surely very entertaining and even helpful in the real life when it comes to solving any problem.

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hey buddy,this is one of the best posts that I’ve ever seen; you may include some more ideas in the same theme. I’m still waiting for some interesting thoughts from your side in your next post.

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It will also help you to learn the various piano chord key arrangements and to transcribe music.
Sounds good.. right?

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