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We all need this kind of car when you are stuck in a bumper to bumper traffic and you need to be in an important meeting in ten minutes and you're still one hour away from the building. Love this car!

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There’s also a GPS headset system that mounts directly to a cow’s head-now we can finally find where the beef is. No doubt that the rest of the century will reveal some other astonishing inventions.


Cool, how fast can it go?

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i can see people dropping some serious coin for one of those!

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system that mounts directly to a cow’s head-now we can finally find where the beef is. No doubt that the rest of the century will reveal some other astonishing inventions.

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Flying is the past-future fantasy. We don't have flying car because it's very hard to build something that fits the bill — fast, safe, affordable. "Safe" is probably the hardest.

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Oh my god!!! This is so very incredibly amazing. Couldn’t thought that something as interesting as this was still in the oblivion. Your piece of work is just astounding. Congo dude!!!

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I've seen this before. I haven't seen it since the owner bought it though. I wonder how safe it really is... seems like there is very little room for error and it couldn't fly at high altitudes. Doesn't seem very safe. i could always get it unstuck from a tree with my bucke truck. haha.

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Great post! Its a wonderful car and yes it flys but not by using air. This car has the potential but the use of fans dosen't really making it hover but by forcing air out of a small container at a spped could one day project cars and ships anywhere. Nevertheless I wish I have enough cash to buy one.

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Spend life with who makes you happy, not who you have to impress.

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What a beautiful car

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I must admire your post and agree with the fact that the CRT monitor is a nice touch, that just makes it look more legit..

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Its took a real strech of the imagination to think it would work safely..Awesome

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but I was wondering what are some easier songs to expand my repertoire while I continue to work on these hard ones.

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The electricity is produced by electrical power plants. The hydrogen fuel for this car is only as green as the electrical power production that produced the hydrogen.

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