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Roger B. Frick

Nice thing about electrics is that when you push the go pedal you have full power NOW! Not in a little while, not when everything spins up, but immediately. Can you imagine having a 400 hp motor (or 4 100 hp motors) at your disposal?
As for me, by the time all that will be available it way behind me and I will be a passenger always wondering where we are going.


This has to be by a huge margin the most innovative and important piece of technology showed at CES this year.
Far more interesting and important then any cell phone or media device.

A fully road worthy and reliable fuel cell vehicle is something that has been vaporware for the past 20 years until now.

Now if only they can manufacture this at a price most people can afford under 40K would be nice.

It seems that maybe the fuel cell car just might become reality and not be a weenie mobile.

Though the hydrogen needs to come from renewable or nuclear sources ie carbon free for it to really make a difference.

Also storage costs need to come down the metal hydrides used to store a usable amount.
Still if I had the money I'd want to get one now.


I really don't understand why do you all think this is huge... Converting hydrogen to electricity may be a clean process, but getting hydrogen in the first place is rather energy


demanding process. Accelerating fast implies one thing for me - wasting more energy when braking. i'm not sure what's the efficiency of the convertion from kinetic to electric energy, but i doubt it will be high...

So, by the end of the day it's just another vehicle that uses our limited-supply energy resources. If i'm not mistaken honda already lauched a car that comes with a fuel station converting netural gas to hydrogen...


You should tell gm to give the test vehicles to the workers in Colorado mountain area...(where there is mud, dirt, ice, and High hills everywhere) rig worker who drive in the mountains and ruff terrain all the time to really test out the vehicle . Not policy makers and celebrities. I'm sorry but here where the workin man works to get to a job, then do the job, will have a far better judgment than any celebe or policy maker who drive drunk weekends. People who don't have the type of jobs what we have have little effect on what we drive. Look at Colorado trucks vs California trucks, I'm sorry but over all our trucks are made for ruff terrain, theres are usually for show. So let the people who really use power test the power.
For everyone that complains about the moving forward of science with all the negative commenting all the time. Some times you have to go back down the hill to make it up the hill. Hydrogen is a step forward, maybe gettin it is a step backwards I don't know, let the engineers do what they went to school for. If you really hate the hydrogen idea, come up with a new alternative vehicle idea, produce it, market it, and sell it, until then shut it.


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Its incredibly ugly, how could you ever drive it, even if it is cutting edge technology? Haha

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That's nice to hear that GM has been coming with fuel cell technology vehicle or hydrogen vehicles which use hydrogen & air to produce water and electric energy upto this is good but before it deployed into the roads we need to build minimum of hydrogen filling stations as well we need to convert hydrogen production units & storage units process as greener as possible rather than depending on oil or other sources to produce hydrogen try to utilize the solar & wind power etc... else our vehicles became zero emission but our filling stations became polluting stations.

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Hydrogen is the only one promising fuel for future of mankind. apart from that we have solar, wind energy models but most of then still needs very large level of innovation technology to make it useful for public.

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That's a great idea, I can't believe anyone didn't think of this sooner.


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