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Daymon The Basketeere

Tha Mac's okay.

MP3 Touch Screen

The ultra thin laptop from MacWorld called the MacBook Air is a real cool and smart one. However I was wondering whether there’s a cd-rom space.

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MP4 Players

I think it is quite a good and handy product. It becomes easy if one is traveling with it.

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Great post, thanks !

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teşekkür youu yönetici Gerçekten Mükemmel ..!


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I just want to say that It was very good post, it helped me in finding a good affiliate,

Electronics Philippines

Well, this Ultrathin Laptop was so cool. I like it. Wish I can also have that. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your updates. Thanks for sharing


Ed Yang

What good is a super light laptop that is hindered by so many restrictions? I'll take my 13" regular Dell any time over something that's more form than function.

MP3 Players

This sleek and smart MacBook Air is a really awesome laptop with some great features. I think it is every bit worth its price.

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What a great resource. thaqnk you for making the effort to share your insights. That mac air is so thin it's perfect for taking on the road in your suitcase, and big enough to watch movies on in the hotel room while traveling...

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Very interesting, smaller definitely is better.

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Canon Digital Cameras

Really love Mac's durability and performance.

Gift Registry

Mac is the ultimate in computer accessories.

oak computer desk

The new gps feature is really cool, probably my favorite iPhone app to date. I have not tried the dvd rental but I am not really that into watching movies.


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ou man.., I’ve never seen an article like this.
It was very nice reading it.
popsci.typepad.com is awesome!
keep up the good work, I’ll definitely come back to popsci.typepad.com!

Adult toys

Oh my god!

How I wish I could buy this one, very expensive!

Trailers for Digger Derricks

I think the mackbook air is just awesome, but i think in this day and age none should pay more than $1000 for a laptop, so until prices go down i wont buy one


Hey Congrats....!!! It's nice news that this blog getting an award.
Great job..!!!

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It look cool

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