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Excellent - amazing how long it's taking us to really become wireless! It would lead to some hilarious moments in our house with all the kids jumping about - imagine the fun you could have with that hooked into the boardroom faciltiies at the next tooo boring meeting.

Marky Mark

Great stuff! I get as much enjoyment watching my kids play on the Wii as I do playing on it myself.

Run your car on water

Hey there I really enjoyed reding your blog and its good that people are getting the word out on this technology. PLease feel free to visit my blog http://run-your-car-on-water.blogspot.com/

No Fear Man

As a Wii owner with a huge HDTV....that looks like it would be a blast. I'm glad I stumbled across this because I haven't heard about this anywhere else.

Wii Game World

Wii does really have HD capability does it?

wii sale

I think wii has hd capability.

shane oneill

nice article mate i will bookmark the page and i am awaiting more aticles cheers http://www.consolemodz.com

Brawl Friend Codes

excellent post, be sure to check out my wii gaming site as well ;)


wow.. thats cool!!!

Allan Mitz

wow! i never thought that they could come up with a wireless simualtion for the users. it sure to be a hell of a gaming console. imagine, i would no longer ave to use the wand and other accessories just to play.question though, is this technologhy only allowed for limited number of games or it is surely for the entire wii games out there? thanks. Wii downloads Sites

Martin Wii Fit Heart

Wii does support HDTV through the use of a component cable. All you get is a clearer picture and a resolution of 480i i believe. But its still better quality than scart.

run your car on water

i would like to know if wii has hd capability.

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cheap wii games

This is really cool tech toy. imagine in the future when we don't have to use the big old remote to control the TV. But wait a minute, it's webcam sort of thing, so do you have to stand in front of it everytime you want to control it where when using the remote you don't have to?

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Sudoku Print Puzzles

This camera is a wonderful piece of technology. It beats the Wiimote !

PS3 Controller

This is quite a comprehensive posting on Wii. I liked this posting a lot. I think this is a great example of technological advancement.

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Clouds of dust kept the people worried yesterday as rumors regarding ‘heavy landslide at Attabad’ spread

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It would lead to some hilarious moments in our house with all the kids jumping about - imagine the fun you could have with that hooked into the boardroom faciltiies at the next tooo boring meeting.

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The Wii can be stupid but it have so good games like the Wii fitness this one really can help you''re to improve you're health cause exersice make you fell good and the Wii can do this .

border collie obedience

Yeah the wii has HD caabability.

Emily H.

The original Super Mario Bros. can make the Wii look stupid....

All that computing power and a new version of SMB3 outsells Galaxy

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