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Hey it's a first generation cigarette pack-sized video projector! It's not to replace your home TV. Speckles and other artefacts can be overlooked for now. The other Blog entries from CES seem to have some WOW factor, but nothing good to say about SHOW or the 3M product.


this is cool....


Where well done i got a thought when i have MP4 Player watching Video files i got this idea why cant we have a projector with in the handy size that easy to carry, have support video, audio, ppt, images, etc., and with external sd/mm card drives, attached with power cable, no battery.

Thanks to the person who got the same idea. Hope to be in market which can available to common man also.


Erin, in the future please pause for a moment to consider what it is that you really want to say... Then pause for another moment to consider whether anyone would find what you have to say remotley interesting...

Thanks for the comment Erin... you either made it while you were drunk or you have no idea what the hell your talking about...

John David Locking

http://www.gia.edu/; [email protected]



Carl (checking into home projector) Mccary

Evertime I think that the technology has reached a limit for now....someone manages to reset the standard.

Unbelievable how fast these innovations are progressing.

Mp3 Players

my daughter would love one of those.


I love it! I want one!

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this one's cool!

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my cousin will like this one.

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I've thought the imagination and technology could have limits but I realized it doesn't have limits because this is great every day we can see new things and innovation around the world.

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I think the real purpose of the scientific method is to make sure Nature hasn't misled you into thinking you know something you don't actually know.


What a motivated man….u almost made me think on that topic. I must say your knowledge on the topic is vast…the insight you have provided is simply unique, never heard of before. I would like to applaud you on the amazing work you have done…Thnx!!!

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yeah, the video quality left us a little disappointed. Color is fantastic, thanks to the lasers.

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