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Best Plasma TV

Pioneer makes the best plasma TVs. Actually, more correct would be to say "made" because now they have partnered with Panasonic and they will use Panasonic panels for their sets. It seems both companies will combine their research and knowledge to build better panels. The difference between Pioneer and Panasonic TVs will consist only in the electronics.

In the future we should expect very similar quality from both Pioneer and Panasonic and great improvements compared to the current panels - Infinite Contrast prototype will probably be the base for the future panels from these two top brands.

For the curious people out there, the reason Pioneer will use Panasonic's panels has to do with the huge money loses they had due to the high production costs and low sales. It seems that the expensive Pioneer Plasma TVs haven't been so popular. Panasonic on the other hand, being the leader of the plasma TV market easily affords building their own panels, and from now on also Pioneer's panels.

For the consumers, this is great news though. The alliance between Panasonic and Pioneer can only benefit us because we are likelly to see much better plasma TVs in the future.


This article really makes you realize how far TV technology has come in the last decade! Very informative.

LG 42PG20R Plasma Tv

I just bought this plasma tv 2 weeks back. It's a LG 42PG20R Plasma Tv

Pretty good plasma tv. Any buyers looking for one now can take a look at the review I made in my blog by following that link.


What a great Perpetual Motion Machine.


TV Perpetual Motion Machine is very very stagger.


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A buddy at work told me about this, but now why would I buy a regular LCD. I will have to wait until this one is affordable :)

Todd Bartlett - Cinevidia

The Kuro was an awesome Plasma and its really a shame that Pioneer won't be making them anymore.

Plasma Mounting

Thanks for this post


i think pioneer plasma tv is the best solution

Plasma > LCD

It's really sad that the Kuro is dead. And it's even more sad that people will still buy LCD TVs, even though they are obviously inferior technology.

Outsourcing Copenhagen



This is interesting topic and give many good post. It is very useful and informative.


Nice blog you got here. I'd like to read something more about this theme. Thank you for giving this information.

Toshiba Regza 55SV635DB LCD Tv

To the comment a few above mine, what makes you think LCD is dead?

I happen to think we will see a rise in sales as prices drop, I still don't think LCD has become mainstream yet, there are still many people I know that have CRT TVs!! I think LCD has still got another few years left as the market leader but it will be over taken by LED I think.


Plasma is the way to go, great article!

Wireless LCD TV

Keep the great stuff coming Pioneer.

Finis Swimp3

this is very interesting and give us some idea. thanks

t-shirt vert

Great article, but I've a plasma tv (not pionner) and it's not working really great !


I, and others I'm sure, was under the impression that plasma TV screens were old technology. You get the impression that if it isn't LCD, it is almost an antique.

I have a LCD TV which I use as my computer moniter and it works fine but, looking at the new Panasonic plasma TV screens, it is clear to see the difference in quality with the vivid, bright colors of the plasma display.

I am sure they will be popular for years to come unless the new LED screens show a big improvement.

TV Wall Mounting

fantastic Post loved it

The Shah

Plasma Tvs are coming down in price, but not on quality. Samsung Cheap Plasma Tvs

TV installation

Keep it coming

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