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how much is the car as is.
how much will it be in mass production.
how much is fuel cost per mile

Eric Schmidt

How green is it? Please remember my friends that hydrogen is produced using electricity. The electricity is produced by electrical power plants. The hydrogen fuel for this car is only as green as the electrical power production that produced the hydrogen.

James Venus

I think this is the only alternative energy source that will clean up the environment. I would like to own one of these cars.


Show me the results of some rear end crashes first, then tell me how green it actually is compared to petroleum.

geoffrey cutcheon

a lot more info neede to make an informed decision. How far can it go on one fill up and obviously you need places to obtain refills.


Like Henry said, this is not an energy source. How is this better than a car that runs on electric batteries? I hope the industry starts to finally develop small, short-rage electric vehicles. SUVs are so overkill for commuting and running errands!


When it comes to repairs how much can we expect to pay and which parts will likely need replacing?

Hot Laps

If anyone is interested, you can now buy the experience of a lifetime - Hot Laps in a Porsche Race Car driven by Australian Motor Racing Legend - 'The Master', Jim Richards at Mt Panorama Bathurst!

Run your car on water

Hey there I really enjoyed reding your blog and its good that people are getting the word out on this technology. PLease feel free to visit my blog http://run-your-car-on-water.blogspot.com/


Do you know if they make a diecast version of this automobile?

I Love Diecast

run your car on water

this is so cool how fuel cells work. i just love this technology.

run your car on water

i just bought one and it is awesome.


The military adopting HHO gas is amazing. What this will do for the environment lowering the fossile fuels that we use. Using plates as a conductor not wires with HHO gas generators offers so much power for any vehicle. Cleaning the all old carbon deposits from even the oldest unmaintained engines. Using plates as a conductor can also save up to 40% gas. If you want to learn how to make a HHO generator using plates go to http://www.fuelwithh2o.com

chevy rims

If this technology is good enough for the military then why aren't we seeing it on Main Street in greater numbers?

40% saving on gas bills!! We all want that.


It's not designed for use by the masses, there are a lot of people out there who do not want the reliance on oil and gas to abate too much,now do they. These projects just don't get enough funding imo.

Advanced Driver Improvement

Nice explanation on how car works using hydrogen fuels and power six houses and very nice video indeed.

buy viagra

Hey everybody! It's me the guy with little Nascar knowledge. I got a few questions for those who have been there and done that! Why aren't there any serious Smash Up Derbies anymore? I remember as a kid I would visit friends in Indianapolis (many, many years ago!) we would go see the local smash up derby race and other stuff and I thought it was fun! I know there's probably not a lot of money involved but didn't some of the great race drivers of yesteryear get there start like this?
Last question " Who else besides me had a SSP Smash em' up derby set or a Sizzlers race car set as a kid?

Joshua's Law

Hydrogen is the only one promising fuel for future of mankind. apart from that we have solar, wind energy models but most of then still needs very large level of innovation technology to make it useful for public.

stump grinders Trucks

This truck just looks cheap, i think chevy should make better quality interiors for its cars

Wholesale Suppliers

The criteria to measure the best green is as follow
Price Range: range of manufacturer’s suggested retail price + destination fee for different trim levels
EPA City/Hwy MPG: official mpg estimates for city and highway driving; your mileage may vary
Annual Fuel Cost: assumes $2.85/gallon regular gasoline, $3.00/gallon diesel, with 15,000 miles driven annually at 55% city, 45% highway
Air Pollution Score: from the EPA; zero = most tailpipe emissions, 10 = least
Greenhouse Gas Score: from the EPA; zero = most greenhouse gas emissions, 10 = least
UCS Hybrid Value: from the Union of Concerned Scientists; a measure of the bang for your buck of the hybrid system; best rating is Very High; learn more at Hybrid Center.
ACEEE Green Score: from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy; the higher the score, the more eco-friendly the car; highest 2010 score is 57; learn more at ACEEE’s Green Book online.


I surely believe what my friends say, because you have a fantastic insight on the topic. The information is surely very entertaining and even helpful in the real life when it comes to solving any problem.

Nevada Learners Permit

I am really satisfied with this posting that you have given us. This is really a stupendous work done by you. Thank you and looking for more posts by you.

HMS Home Warranty

GM's cars are always larger in exterior dimensions, but that don't usually translate into bigger interior spaces.

Physician Assistant

I had to bookmark this site, its awesome!

eBridge interactive

I think this is the only alternative energy source that will clean up the environment. I would like to own one of these cars.

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