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Curious if you have an ETA on some halted issues' payouts: APPLEPC, MADDEN, PLANKTOS ?

James Dixon

Dear Sir: Cannot gain access to my acct. Did I do something wrong? JED

Daymon The Basketeere


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iPhone sales have been amazing, i am always surprised to see how good it goes. Yeah it's a quality products, there is a lot on the plate, but the marketing has been very good too. It's good food for though to look at the way they do stuff!

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What are your thoughts on the new Iphone gs?

carpet cleaner rentals

Do you have any other stocks that are on your radar?

chi hair dryers

Where do you think the market is going from here? Anyone have any concrete evidence we are out of the woods?

commercial coffee makers

Dear Sir: Cannot gain access to my acct. Did I do something wrong?

commercial espresso machine

Apple computer is a solid company and will only go higher. I think even with Jobs' health on the decline the company will pull through.

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Am not sure about that. I think Apple will feel the effects when Jobs has to step down....

72 hour kits

These men have established contingency plans for all events expected and unexpected. They are playing with billions on dollars and will not take risks....

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Steve Jobs will be around for a long time. He has the best medical care known to man around him 24 hrs a day. If he cant beat this cancer, then no one can

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The Iphone has made Apple what it is today. Plus their great television marketing ads are absolutely genius. I wonder how much of that is the doing of Jobs.

portable barcode scanners

Curious if you have an ETA on some halted issues' payouts: APPLEPC, MADDEN, PLANKTOS ?

Nursing PJs

Cool, complex, and charming. :)

portable media players

Looks like we know which format won now...

Air Compressor Reviews

Too bad, 2 years later and the iphone is everywhere!


I agree with Andre This technolgy will be developed when the necesity presents itself as far as battaries that run cars and all other applications, remember invention is the necesity of need

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Since 2004, the company has been hosting 24-hour sales in both its online store and its brick-and-mortar locations starting at midnight. And this year won't be any different. Apple is famous due to its slim style and best features, which attracts buyers in first glance. I am also the lover of apple's products.

Curtis Johnson Realty

iPhones indeed have paved way to a new market of phones. This is the new trend in telecommunications and therefore people tend or crave to have the same gadget. Aside from the service you can avail, this is also a chick must have thing. I have to say that new ones are out in the market and other companies are doing also the same thing. Thanks a lot for the feature. More power.

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Had been thinking about Lindsey's new vibram fivefingers ever since she posted about them on this blog. When she first sent me a photo of these bizarre looking vibram five,I just laughed at their vibram fivefingers ridiculousness, thinking 'no way I'll ever put those things on my five finger feet! But alas, once I saw them and read about them, I just couldn't stop thinking about them! I had to try them for myself. Last week I went to Blue five fingers Ridge Mountain Sports in Charlottesville,

Lumix FZ40

Not so sure about that

Corn Flour Mill Manufacturer

But alas, once I saw them and read about them, I just couldn't stop thinking about them.

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I have been purchasing the Blu-Ray and not bad I like it. Because of those issues there will be more money to be spent. Apple is hoping for more because the expected limit wasn't reached, but it still fine because many have purchased the products.

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Android based phones have a diverse array of applications available. For the new Android user, it can almost be overwhelming choosing which apps to install. With the recent release of new Androids handsets from major brands like Motorola, HTC, and Google, the Android developer community has been given a boost to crank out good quality Android software

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