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I like the robots, it makes the stuff from Star Wars seem more and more realistic.


According to this...


... there's yet another Spykee robot available.

And the bonus is that you can actually buy this one (the other four models don't seem to be available ever!)

The downside is that the Micro Spykee doesn't really do much. :-(

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I hope Erector makes a big come back. I remember playing with those sets as a kid. A lot of names that were around when I was a kid need to make a comeback and educate this days toddlers.

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I mean the kid is 25 with 2 superbowls now. I mean if he was to play for the lions would he be able to take them to a super bowl?
Now instead of using Roethlisberger what about Tom Brady? Could he take the lions to the super bowl?

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Wow! This is really amazing Robots are found here... really It would found very interesting for Kids. Great Post here... Really I like it. Keep posting. Your blog is very interesting.

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I find it very reassuring that many of the people who commented with opposing thoughts and opinions, did so in such a nice and authoritive way.

Scotty Gerke

I find it very reassuring that many of the people who commented with opposing thoughts and opinions, did so in such a nice and authoritive way.


Oh hell!!! You are just too cool man. I never knew that there could be something better to know about than from this piece of article. I shall have this forwarded to all my friends and even my dad, I am sure they too shall enjoy reading this piece.


ahh,so cute the pets and I like the robots,thank you for sharing this....

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It is pretty commonplace to modify knowledge how attributions with what I will call "incompleteness" modifiers, because they in some sense indicate an incomplete knowledge state. Some examples:


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Can you tell us how long does it take you to make the WowWee Tribot?


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