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If laser treatment heal and fast recovery that is very important treatment. Go ahead


NeuroThera® uses a beam of infrared laser energy on areas of the brain affected by a loss of oxygenated blood. Justin Sattin, M.D., a Neurologist with the University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison, says cells in the immediate vicinity of a stroke have died and are not usually able to recover. However, just beyond that area, there are cells that are somewhat damaged, yet still capable of recovering. The NeuroThera laser targets these "salvageable" cells, and hopefully, prevents them from dying.
The exact mechanism of how the treatment works isn’t known. However, researchers believe the laser energy affects the mitochondria, the power sources for the cells. The mitochondria produce a chemical, called ATP, used by the cells for energy. The infrared light from the laser appears to increase production of ATP, perhaps giving the cells extra energy and improving their ability to recover from the stroke damage. And unlike tPA, which must be administered within three hours of the stroke, NeuroThera has a 24-hour window of use.
Once doctors determine a patient is having an ischemic stroke, the head is shaved (hair blocks the passage of infrared light). Next, a special cap is placed over the head. The cap contains about 20 holes, each about the size of a silver dollar. The HandPiece is placed over one of the holes. The laser energy is emitted from the HandPiece, through the scalp and into the brain, targeting the area of the injury. Treatment is given for two minutes. The HandPiece is placed over another hole and the process is repeated to apply the therapy from different directions. The treatment continues until it is delivered through all the holes in the cap.
Animal studies and early human studies indicate NeuroThera is a very effective, safe therapy for patients who have experienced an ischemic stroke. Currently, NeuroThera is being tested in a clinical trial.


Thank you for this very important modality of treatment for stroke victims.If you consider how big are stroke problems and its psychological,social,economic impacts to society and human dignity through disability of personal communication and mobility.
Laser and its application in health industry will create an umbrella to healthy and prosperous society.
Kindly visit my blog:
http://cahayamasadepan.blogspot.com (Indonesian)
http://laser-med.blogspot.com (English).
LS Handiki,MD
President,The Indonesian Society for Laser Medicine
[email protected]


Stroke can be normal with several ways. one of them is natural treatment. means without any medicine or herb, just with normalization, for details, it can be seen in pennasia normalization (dot com). some people have got well. it is logic and scientific.


Hi, would this help my sister who suffered a brain haemrrage and stroke after se was dianged with cancer that same yar.
cost please. We support her as her husband lef with her boys.



My mom, age 77 had her second stroke a little over 2 months ago. The doctors have never seen a case like hers. Her hearing is fine, but she can't process the sounds into words. Sometimes she processes fine and then it's gone again. She can read what we write and her speech is fine. She has no other damage that we can see. We're puzzled and the doctors don't give us any suggestions for therapy. Anyone else out there with the same symptoms? Any ideas for therapy?

Virus Heat Removal

Very intersting. I hope the trials do go well. I'm all for inavsive surgery.

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Thanks for making us aware about this technology. Kindly provide more information on this.

Ana Lanka

My dad had a brain stroke about 4 years ago in Iran, Tehran. He lost his speech and mobility on the right side since then. We used several natural remedies to retrieve his ability to speak but nothing worked. Lately, he has been getting laser treatment twice a week, 15 minutes each session along with some medical injection by a specialist at home. He is Dr. Nezamodin Mosaffa. He is using Ruby in his laser machine. The doctor was very optimistic but there hasn't been any improvement after 4 sessions. Not sure if we should continue.

Jeannie Jones

I need help. I know now that I had a stroke about 5 yrs. ago following a methamphetamine overdose. My family doesn't believe me, and I have noone to turn to. I'm having severe difficulties with my job, and I am ready to end it all. I wish someone would listen and please help! I don't have any health insurance and I am at my wits end! Please someone tell me what to do!

David Johnston

These is an interesting article! This could be a great help. Especially to those who suffer from stroke and they want a fast recovery.

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It'll be a great leap for medical treatment if they can realize this technology without any side effect to the brain network tissue.

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My step father just recently had a stroke and is going into a trial phase with laser treatment for one of the broken veins.... I'll post updates.

Daymon The Basketeere

This is so important and willhelp people in need every day.

zakaria mikati from lebanon

i have a question. i am 44 years old ,i have 5 bain strokefrom 5 years ago my left hand,left leg and right leg infected my right hand works normaly, i have some movment in my legs and the infected left arm is this treatment fit my situation and when it can be available.

Chicken Soup

This is a great leap for human medication if they can make it real.

Daymon The Basketeere

They'll make it real and soon we'll barely be able to keep up woth medical breakthroughs. YAY!


This is an interesting article about Laser Treatment

Natural Health Remadies

Nice to hear, desperately waiting for this. Thanks for sharing such a valuable information.

aşk şiirleri

thanks youu admin Gerçekten Mukemmel..!



Lazer technology for medical use has come a long way and I can see that soon most surgical operations will not be performed without its use.

T McElmury

where can we find more info? my sister had 3 strokes and a massive bleed looking for any and all treatment options!!

laser hair removal machine

The laser hair removal machine is almost taken for granted now because it is so successful at safely removing hair. But it really wasn’t that long ago that people were afraid of laser technology because lasers were considered to be too dangerous to use on the human body. Now lasers are being used in almost every industry. The use of lasers to prevent additional brain cell damage due to a stroke is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of untapped potential for laser use. At Utah State University the use of lasers are being studied in terms of their true market potential. One of the uses the researchers have already found is using lasers to measure wind by bouncing the beam off a weather balloon. If laser beams can be bounced off balloons then they can certainly be safely adapted to even more medical uses.

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This is a great improvement!!!
if this works it would be great!!

green laser pointer

It's a good information,but I am afraid of the laser beam will hurt the brain.

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