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Such methods help compensate for stroke-induced disability but do not attempt to treat the impairment, the researchers point out

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1 year ago my mother stroke, seizure disorders had a left arm, legs do not move, I wonder if this product is used to correct

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This is some very valueable information, thank you very much.

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Big step forward. A great improvement!!!!

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Currently, NeuroThera is being tested in a clinical trial.

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This is so important for stroke victims and will help people in need every day.

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We should find out before too long, as PhotoThera is in the midst of a large double-blind clinical trial.

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I think this is a great advancement in the field of medical science. If this works effectively then I am sure it would be of great help.


I have to wonder if this treatment could be used for other brain dysfunctions, or to stimulate an aging brain that otherwise doesn't have any significant problems. Perhaps getting a treatment a couple times a year could prevent or delay many of the age related declines that normally occur.
I'd volunteer to be a test subject for this.
What were we talking about?

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hope this technology can really be a help. great inventions!

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These is a lot of sense and a great new technology so helpful,how this kind of laser treatment works?


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laser treatment is a much safer way to brain, less hurt and in reasonable price. just do it!


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so what ?

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This such a nice information but may i know that this will help or not(in common man point of view).


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Implementing new technology is the key to success in medical business.It truly has a big impact in our life especially in the field of medicine.

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My mum is constantly worried about the array of computer products in the house - perhaps I'll let her know how far we've advanced in lasers!

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Hopefully there double blind study will show positive results. Anything that can be done to help or prevent strokes is a God's sent.

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A giant leap in the medical field. If laser treatment could really heal such strokes faster, then it's important to focus on that.

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