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Charging electronics? A new battery technology comes out and all you can think of is your lap top and camcorder? Hello? How about the electric car?! How about storing renewable energy sources for use in your home? The world has been dreaming up all sorts of great advances for a greener world, but always saying "someday, when we get better batteries." Sheesh


And Im sure the next gen tech that comes out will have greater demands on battery power. Once again negating any battery advance. And the cycle repeats :)


Thiat would be koolio! It would be nice to have to charge everyother day. Thank technology!




I am sorry to say, that is technology if it does work will never be seen by the public for real use. The oil companies and auto industry will buy and then shelf the technology. They have done this many time before, Closed Tucker, bought any patent or a process for a the very high mileage carburetors, dis-mantled the last electric car program that was working. The corruption goes to high into the government to allow this to happen. It would being world war since oil would no longer me needed as it is now and the would economy is based on greed and oil.

andre lalier

we could also use them in houses taking power frow solor panels and also at place like hopstails and the they could last a lot longer then with the gentaor and it would mean less wear on it


Does not sound like a technology that will be cheap anytime soon. So small applications will definitely be common long before these new batteries will be used in amounts large enough for a car or a home.


I was looking at Tom Harper's comments. It's true that corruption has really held back the electric car. However, innovation cannot be held back forever. There will always be the Japanese and the Europeans. I'm sure they will be oh so happy to sell us electric cars as soon as the are at a point that they can be sold for above cost.


Frankly, technology is very advanced but powering it is not. We need a breaktrough or fast forward advance in batteries. It's like new laptops, with all duo processors, graphics card, dvd or blue ray,Vista, etc; now the battery last LESS!
And automotive is waiting!

Domenique Hawkins

Such technology is a dream come true. Not only could you extend battery life but allow the battery to adapt to the needs of each individual user. What about such advances being incorporated in lead acid batteries with indefinit user life etc. Synthetic lead plates that resist calcification and so on. Great articles as always.


I agree with Andre This technolgy will be developed when the necesity presents itself as far as battaries that run cars and all other applications, remember invention is the necesity of need

Bill Dale

I have no patience for pathetic trolls like Tom Harper. As if he invented pessimism! Anyone I've ever seen with his attitude uses such "logic" to explain away his own chronic failures.

Javier! You're not seeing the picture! When such technology is put on the market, it will put lead acid batteries at a great disadvantage-- along with alkaline, nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, carbon, etc... we'll be using nothing but one kind of rechargeable battery. And there will be no need for lead acid anyway-- the only thing they are ever used for is to start engines, and an electric vehicle with a range of a thousand miles or so between charges would make gasoline (or diesel, or any other kind of fuel) cars woefully obsolete.

There are two other major recent tech breakthroughs that are relevant here, both of which are on the order of 10 X better than what we have now: the Nanosolar panel that won the best new innovation award from PopSci recently can provide solar electricity ten times cheaper, making it possible soon for everyone to power their homes and recharge their electric vehicles via the sun.

And the Lynx Motion electric motor (google it), as well as other motors recently entering the market using Lorentz Force principles, are 10 X smaller, 10 X lighter, and 10 X more powerful than conventional motors; they also do not hum and vibrate like standard motors, and can be controlled much more precisely for purposes such as robotics.

Hopefully the Altair NanoSafe battery can use the silicon nanowire technique for increasing energy density, since in every other way it's an ideal power source for EVs: it has high power density (meaning it can deliver lots of power very quickly) and extreme long cycle life (30,000 charge cycles or more), it's made of plentiful, non-toxic materials, and it will not explode or catch fire even under heavy use.

Stanford's battery, with such a superior power-to-weight ratio, would be ideal for use in an electric aircraft. The Sonex electric plane that has gotten good press recently at air shows is ideal in many ways except that it can only stay aloft for an hour at a time. With a battery such as this, the Sonex could fly much farther, especially if its wings and body were covered with Nanosolar panels. I suspect its useful range on a sunny day may be 50% or more than with a fuel-powered engine.

Jack Burton

Give this information to the average consumer and they think cell phone..Automotive was my first thought...the wasted space of this editorial on personal electronics charging is embarassing. Give me an electric car with 400+ mile range and we have a deal...c'mon POPSCI I expect more on this...this is truly groundbreaking...

Gateway Adaptor Guy

I sell Li-Ion batteries and I can tell you that the industry secret is that every once in a while they explode. Why? Shorts, chargers plugged in backwards, other foolishness. The point is that if these hold 10X the energy the engineering and failsafes better go up as well. I don't know many people that store gas on their lap.


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How so great this battery and this his site is very nice I like this site.

Gadgets and Electronics

Such a batery should be of anyone interest. I haven`t had a baterry that lasted me more than 2 hours and a half the most.

Daymon A Balser

Solar Panels on my home and an Electric Vehicle that drives itself and you plug in to recharge when you're done. An electric vehicle that travels more than 50 or 60 miles without a recharge. *Sigh*


I thought auto industry first. It would be amazing if they could turn this technology into a world change...not just being able to run my laptop without plugging it in. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have things around the house charged up for longer, but I would prefer it be used in the most life changing way.

Daymon The Basketeere

Excellent article! and I can't wait for MY 40 hour batteries!

Daymon The Basketeere

I totally need these batteries can someone tell where to purchase them? Thanks

MP4 Players

This is indeed a brilliant idea. It would indeed revolutionize the world of electronic gadgets if it can be achieved. :-)

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Natural Skin Care

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That could be fantastics if they can increase the time of battery. It also save cost and make environment green.

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