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No wonder even cars today are fantastically hi tech.

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No wonder even cars today are fantastically hi tech.

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How the energy density compare with fossil fuels? There was some talk about running a laptop on a fuel cell instead of a battery.

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this battery will be helphul initially but I am sorry to say, that is technology if it does work will never be seen by the public for real use. The oil companies and auto industry will buy and then shelf the technology. They have done this many time before, Closed Tucker, bought any patent or a process for a the very high mileage carburetors, dis-mantled the last electric car program that was working. The corruption goes to high into the government to allow this to happen

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For my understanding, MacBook Air is gear towards people who has another computer already. You can use your other Mac or Pc's optical drive via Air wirelessly. Everything about the Air is wireless..

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some of the really informed people above really nail all of the technical issues at hand in this situation. Apple is not the winner by any means.

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I cannot wait until this battery is a available...Does anyone know when they will be available to the public?

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The work, described in a paper in Nature Nanotechnology

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Well this battery works from 4 to 40 hours..It would be amazing if they could turn this technology into a world change...not just being able to run my laptop without plugging it in....

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batteries will get old fashioned in a few years
i have heard that human heart beat will be used to charge electronic devices such as an ipod/ipad

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My laptop battery lasts only for almost 4 hours. I have sometimes thought of having an extra battery with me, but it is not practical. :(


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That could be MBT Shoes fantastics if they can increase the time of battery. It also save cost and make environment green.

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