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I like your electric bike. electric bikes are great for short trips and errands of up to 10-15 miles. And One of advantage of electric bike is that it saves environment from pollution.

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ethical issues in nursing

~@~@~@~@~~~~~~~~Gas prices at this time in Lexington, KY are around $2.00 a gal. However, the oil companies hook us and then have us pay more for gas inn cycles. I don't trust them and I will continue to ride my electric bike as much as possible.

ethical issues in nursing

Green tech guide MetaEfficient has two guides to new electric bikes—one that reviews Schwinn's latest offerings, and another that pushes a collection of European-made bikes. The eZee electric bike, made in South Africa but available here, can help riders with hills, cruise for miles on a single charge or even race faster, depending on the model. They range in price from $1,150 to $2,200. The bikes are ideal for short-range city commuters, but at that price, you'd probably want to wheel them inside, and clear some extra space in your cube, lest some green-minded thief ride off with it.—Gregory Mone

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I bought a Giant LaFree e-bike at electric bikes northwest last year. I use it to commute from the top of crown hill to belltown and it’s a dream! I also use it for the sunday market and load up with groceries and peddle home. I’ve passed cars going up hill on 8th Ave NW. You still need to peddle with this bike and you will get a workout if you push yourself.

I’m just waiting for the daylight to last long enough to start my spring commute.

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Yes... it seems that the media is very biased to their own way of thinking and hasn't improved since you wrote this article.

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wow~~~very nice electric bike

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Electric bikes have a bright future ahead because this world is gonna face an energy crisis in near future.

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Very usefull roadtrip tips… I have made some of the same mistakes they describe in the article and would have appreciated this article before I went off on my trip.
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that's really a fantastic post ! added to my favourite blogs list.. I have been reading your blog last couple of weeks and enjoy every bit. Thanks.

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Wow those are some great electric bikes. Thanks

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Now you can get an add-on battery which is really simple to attach. It can make any bike an electric bike! Google it. The cost is much cheaper than buying an electric bike for over $1,000


Love to ride electric bikes for it is easy and convenient.


Electric bikes or scooters - electric or gas - are the way to go. They give you more bang for your buck - take you farther on a tank of gas - and sometimes you can house them inside. Not so good if you take the family for a ride!

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Electric Bikes are loved because of their lite weight and also these help in reducing the air pollution in our areas.

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