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Thanks for the information! Toshiba has always been a superb brand for a gadgets! Very reliable, good looking gadgets and the quality is totally amazing. I highly recommend Toshiba because its really worth the price!

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Toshiba's Tecra R10 is a mainstream business laptop offering a comprehensive set of features plus a decent sized display, all while keeping the weight down to a reasonable level.

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Toshiba has become my favorite brand after my old HP computer broke in just a year and a half... Toshiba is very good to me and their Customer Service is so much more effective than HP's! if69

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If you know my H.264 bible (link to original HERE; note that it has the charts messed up. The latter, without problems, can be found HERE or in any other mirrors I've listed at the end of the original article; see the paragraph starting with "Cross-posted to"), you may be aware of that, so far, no Windows Mobile device was able to play back “high”- resolution H.264 videos.

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Toshiba has grown pretty much as a company in the last decade, and this is fanatastic because we are getting the benefits; better computers with the same cheap price.

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