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First off it is a trike with the single wheel in front. And a skinny trike at that. Remember trike ATVs? There is a reason they were banned. They tip over, especially when braking and turning.

Next, the artist concept doesn't show power to the main rotor. How is this to go? Electric motor? They're heavy. Added weight is bad for a bird.

What wings for take-off? The things by the propeller? in 50 feet? You will need one helluva headwind.

Speaking of propellers, can you imagine your average American on the road or in the parking lot with one of these? "Oops, er, sorry about that. I meant to put it in reverse. Maybe the hospital can reattach it. I'd give you a lift, but only have room for one in here."


Read the article again. This is a gyrocopter, which by definition means the main rotor is not powered, but freewheeling. It simply provides lift while a rear-end pusher prop would provide thrust. You are correct about the wheels, this would not be good as a ground vehicle, but they should suffice for taxiing purposes.

I have lusted for an ultralight gyrocopter for several years. These things can fly with less than a quarter of this 200+ hp beast.

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will these cars of the future! more crazy designs that I love, where there are more pictures of these cars so I can taste.

Wholesale Suppliers

This PAL-V has the coolest design I ever seen in air cars. PAL-V Europe NV combines the safe and easy principle of flying, the gyrocopter with the recent “tilting car” technology. And most attracting "The PAL-V ONE is a hybrid of a gyrocopter with a car."

Joshua Green

With its futuristic and out-of-this-world design, this copter looks just like the ones on spy movies. This is certainly unique compared to other authorized carriers because it was designed to travel by land AND air. This invention should be made available soon!

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