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This monitor looks cool.. What games actually support this?


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Nursing pajamas

cool! that was an awesome monitor! :D
now that's a HD gaming experience.

fertileaid views

wew! cool monitor! is this still available? is this compatible with other OS? thanks in advance

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wow! you are living a lucky life.

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I think you are doing a great job with the design and content in this site,I am so interested on what I read and I am curious to find out more about the curved screen,this is a good display that came out from Allienware

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kids have brilliant idea...they are far more than better than us before!

How to become a CNA

wow! My mouth was just left open after seeing this picture. I wish I could put one in my home as well.

Pet Flow

That looks VERY hard to play games on, because you have to move your neck or have great side (Don't know how to spell that P word.) vision to see if someone is to your far left of far right.

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